Why Sierra BASE?

The key features of SIRIUS
that leading companies have chosen
Sierra BASE

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Real-time 3D modeling

3D point cloud modeling is possible with our internally developed rotating LiDAR system

Utilize without GPS signals.

Autonomous driving can be used indoors and outdoors using multi-sensor fusion SLAM technology

Drone operates automatically.

Automatically performs inspection, measurement, and monitoring through self-developed inspection location creation technology and autonomous driving technology

AI automatic analysis

Quantity calculation after automatic analysis of facility damage such as cracks, whitening, exposed rebar, etc. based on captured images


Core Benefits


Why is an inspection and monitoring automation solution
with SIRIUS necessary?

Cost savings
per bridge

13.23 million won

Inspection cost

Over 33% savings

Maximized potential for
additional orders

Doubling up

Inspection time

Over 80% reduction

Through quantitative
quality management,

Enhanced reliability.

Inspection quality

67% increase

Innovative Solutions

Sierra BASE solution

Sierra BASE, a specialist in robot intelligence, focuses on automation in inspection and monitoring.
With a top-tier technical team, we actively explore and expand our business areas.

SIRIUS facility inspection

With Sierra Base's patented technology, inspection is automatically performed by simply specifying the scope, and AI quantitatively analyzes damage to the facility.
Perform inspections without drones and robotics experts. It can be easily used anytime, anywhere.


Create 3D models quickly and conveniently and take advantage of accurate surveying features with SIRIUS surveying solutions.
Web SIRIUS allows you to create 3D models and check real-time status anytime, anywhere.

SIRIUS onsite monitoring

Experience automated monitoring with Sierra Base's indoor and outdoor autonomous driving technology.
SIRIUS' intelligent autonomous driving technology enables automatic monitoring even in changing environments.

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